Smart construction site monitoring system

1-stop-shop for all IoT devices you need to boost site safety

From the earliest stages of construction to the completed
structure living out its service life, you can count on

Pyxis site management system

to provide you with real-time reliable information.

Temporary support monitoring system

Wirelessly monitor stability of falsework frames and temporary support during construction or demolition with the latest IoT device “Tamago”

Standard site monitoring system

Monitor underground water level (vibrating wire / pressure type), tilting of structure and environmental particles

Customize and system integration

Integrate and supply non-typical sensors and systems for special construction monitoring needs

(Some standard products are in the CITF pre-approved list. Please contact us for more details)

An end-to-end solution
customized for you

Pyxis and LR are here to serve all your monitoring needs - from providing customized monitoring devices and access platforms to their installation and maintenance. No need to worry about incompatible devices from multiple manufacturers, unreadable data formats and lack of assistance.

Features of Pyxis

Real-time information at your fingertips.

Anytime, anywhere.

Real-time data

Automatically collects data and delivers them to you

Round the clock

Operates non-stop regardless of weather conditions

Timely warnings

Automatically sends warnings to you whenever appropriate

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