Everything you need to improve civil engineering works is on Polaris platform

Comprehensive real-time data collection

Using traditional methodologies in the industry, taking measurements such as inclination and water table level requires manpower and a considerable length of time. With our sensors, accurate measurements can be taken without any manual input and be done in real-time.

At your fingertips anytime & anywhere

With current practices in the industry, measurements that have been taken are not easy to be made available to all relevant parties, e.g. authorities, management, engineers, etc. With Pyxis, measurements taken are promptly stored in the cloud server and disseminated to relevant users through Web, iOS, and Android platforms. When you have internet connection, you can always know about the conditions at your construction sites no matter where you are

Round the clock

Due to the manpower and time required for conventional monitoring methodologies, measurements are taken only infrequently during working hours, and these exclude holidays and days of inclement weather. On the other hand, Pyxis can provide you with real-time measurements 24/7, regardless of public holidays and weather conditions.

Timely warnings

Pyxis allows our users to configure safety thresholds for measurements in their projects. When these measurements are sent to our cloud server, they are instantly analyzed. If the preset safety thresholds are exceeded, appropriate warnings are immediately sent to alert all relevant users. In this way, remedial actions can be taken in time and accidents can be avoided.

Value-added benefits

Compared to current practices adopted in the industry, Pyxis leverages technological advances to offer our users various value-added benefits such as running averages of data, automatic report generation, and integration of measurement data into BIM models.

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