Indoor air quality IoT monitoring

Air quality sensor

In February 2017, our air quality sensors were deployed to the new campus of Chu Hai College of Higher Education to conduct a large-scale IoT monitoring of indoor air quality on the campus for a year. Areas that were monitored include classrooms, library, corridors, laboratories, offices, and the carpark.

3D model of the monitoring site

To address the application requirements and the special layout of the campus building, custom IoT air quality monitoring integrated sensor devices were made. Each integrated sensor device was tailored to measure temperature, humidity, and concentrations of CO2 & TVOC. As power outlet was not available at every nook and corner inside the campus, was designed with the options either to operate on an internal battery or to run with external power when it was plugged into a power source. Additionally, the sensor devices supported wireless network communication and were also optimized to minimize power consumption. Measurements were also integrated into a BIM model.

The continuous measurements allowed the environment team of the college to monitor in real time the air quality inside campus buildings. With this information in hand, the team could adjust and control the HVAC system more effectively with regards to temperature, humidity and ventilation. Subsequently, students and staff could have a healthier environment to study and work. Unnecessary waste of energy could be saved as well.

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